Sova Design, founded and solely operated by Sherri Hrycay was started initially in 2000 in Calgary. The company focused mainly on private sewing contracts and to some degree, millinery. After taking some time for family, Sherri has restarted Sova Design in Saskatoon focusing exclusively on millinery. Future directions include accessories, some formal clothing and children’s formal clothing. Our Hats... Millinery is the art of hat making. It is by large a forgotten art. However; for people interested in the energy and simple luxury a unique and hand made product can bring; a proper hat holds the same appeal as a tailored suit or hand crafted jewelry. Being able to bring together a wardrobe in a unique way with a hat makes a powerful statement. Our hats are hand crafted and individually inspired works of art. They are created with genuine fur felt and trimmed with the most unique materials: velvets, ribbons, broaches, beads, and in some cases hand- embroidery. We invite you to make a statement of uniqueness, simplicity and elegance. Indulge in SOVA Design! 

Sherri Hrycay of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan started playing with design and sewing as a child at her Mom's side. She continued self taught until 1999 when a move to Calgary afforded her the opportunity of formal training. Inspired by Mithe De Fontenay, her teacher at the time, Sherri started making hats. Sherri studied techniques in felt and other materials on her own until 2009 when she went to London to study under Rose Cory, milliner to the late Queen Mother. Seeing the works of Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones first hand in London continue to be a major influence on Sherri’s style. Sherri's work can be characterized as Edwardian. She draws much inspiration from that time period; her two daughters and the author Maud Hart Lovelace. 

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